We help travel & tourism brands achieve business goals through insight, strategy and a proven process for marketing success.


Our Philosophy

There has been and will continue to be a fundamental shift in the way people choose the what, where, when, how and the why of their next adventure. The massification of class, globalization, the internet, travel search engines, social media, the environment and the economy are all having a significant impact on consumer decision-making.

Wanderlust provides marketing, branding and management consulting to destinations, resorts and tourism attractions. We are experts at uncovering what drives people to choose where they go and building integrated marketing programs to attract them — using the internet, social networks, direct marketing and mass media.

Our Process

Creating wanderlust is a lot like taking a trip: you may have a map to guide you, but the real treasures are usually found where you least expect them, while wandering somewhere off the beaten path.

Getting There™ is our map, the road that we always follow to keep us on course — whether we are searching for consumer insight, branding a place, devising an advertising strategy or upgrading your website.

With Getting There™, we will reach our destination on time and within budget. Getting There™ also gives us the freedom to explore the road less traveled, search under rocks and find that little nugget of truth that can turn mere data into insight and a great brand into a greatly desired brand.

We’ve been perfecting the Getting There™ process over the past twenty plus years. It’s behind the successful rebranding of Windham Mountain (during the worst ski season in the Northeast in over twenty years), transforming the image of Troy, NY (from the home of urban blight into an eclectic community filled with historic opportunity) and helping Mount Snow aspire to become the number one most visited ski resort in Vermont.

Getting There™ has three steps, one right after the other. Not quite as simple as going from point A to point B, but close.

Baggage Check -> Chart the Course -> Create Wanderlust

   Mark Shipley   Strategy Director

Mark Shipley
Strategy Director

   Sara Tack   Creative Director

Sara Tack
Creative Director

   Sharon Lawless   Account Manager

Sharon Lawless
Account Manager

   Braden Russom   Account Planner

Braden Russom
Account Planner

   Kayla Germain   Account Manager

Kayla Germain
Account Manager

   Alan Beberwyck   Content Director

Alan Beberwyck
Content Director

   Dave Mercier   Art Director

Dave Mercier
Art Director

   Rachel Digman  Comptroller

Rachel Digman

   Lynn White   Operations Director

Lynn White
Operations Director

   Katie Sorce   Marketing Assistant

Katie Sorce
Marketing Assistant

  Willow   Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction

   Stella   Wanderer