Baggage Check

The Wanderlust Baggage Check™ helps travel and destination marketers evaluate, refine and improve the results of their marketing programs. This industry is facing revolutionary change: the Internet, social media, the economy, distribution and the deteriorating travel experience are all having a profound effect on how consumers choose where and when to travel. 

The Baggage Check is a third-party analysis of your destination's current situation, designed to uncover insights and identify opportunities for achieving your stated business goals. Specifically for use by tourism promotion organizations and agencies, management companies, lodging properties, attractions and sports properties, the Baggage Check brings strategic focus to your marketing planning and decision making process.

Through the Baggage Check, we examine four dimensions of your destination to create an in-depth  understanding of where you've come from, where you are right now, and where you are likely to find promise in the future. We assess your brand equity, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We examine the competition to gauge their strengths and weaknesses, their messaging and their market positions. We analyze your customers and prospects. And finally, we examine your current marketing strategy to determine what’s working and what could work better.

The goal of the Baggage Check is to uncover insight into where your best marketing opportunities lie and build a foundation for achieving your goals. It's a realistic assessment of your destination’s place in the world — a point of departure both for creating and implementing successful, strategically-based travel marketing communications programs — for both new travel business launches and to improve the performance of an existing business’s marketing efforts.