A Little Goes A Long Way

Recently I was doing some research on how people make decisions and how they may be influenced. I stumbled across some fascinating data. Small cues can have a large impact on the way people think. Add a faint smell of cleaning fluid into the air, and people tidy up more thoroughly. Put a briefcase on the table during a meeting and people become more competitive. Put live green plants in a room you plan on having a creative session in and you’ll get 15% more creativity from the men and more flexible solutions to problems from the women.

Small but powerful

If you are in food and beverage, have a waiter or waitress offer a candy treat when presenting the bill to each customer in the group and then as he/she is leaving stop as though forgetting, reach in their pocket and quickly give everyone another piece of candy. This small strategy in the study increased their tip amount by a staggering 23%. Who would not want that?

One of the very basic tenants we have at our office is to tell many stories in many ways. They don’t have to be big or complicated, But they do need to be interesting and fun. It’s these small stories that can create the tipping point in the decision equation about your destination.