Are Your Prospects Suffering From Vacation Deprivation?

Studies of the American workforce report that thirty four percent of us are not taking all of our allocated vacation time. Many are losing that time by not taking it prior to the end of the year. Many blame our tough economic times: fewer employees, stepped up workloads, along with a squeezed bottom line. And with more of us stuck in the office, it’s the travel and tourism industry that suffers.

What are the symptoms?

Freud gave us a classic operating model for our mind. The conscious mind is the thinking portion of our brain that is self aware. The subconscious, which actually works at a rate of about ten thousand to one by comparison, does all of the rote or (autopilot) stuff that we need to live; running and managing the fifty trillion individual cells that make up our body.

The first to go is the cognitive thinking that shuts down; buried in a history of fear, self talk and belief. The little voice in the head saying they need me, I can’t take the time off, they may replace me and besides we all know work and increased production rates per employee is a God given mandated mantra in America.

In fact, 40% of women and 29% of men feel guilty about taking time off.

The voice continues: “What will I do with myself? I know I won’t be able to stand another few days at the beach, sitting out here in mountains with my family, playing another round of golf, set of tennis, another ride on the ski lift, or fishing for that big bass.” Clearly cognitive dysfunction at its best.

While this is going on the Subconscious auto pilot is taking all this data in as absolute immutable fact. Triggering an internal alarm releasing stress hormones into the blood constricting the vessels, shoving blood from the internal organs to the extremities getting ready to fight or flight and wrecking havoc on the body. All fifty trillion cells are stressed out under these chemical codes.

Why? Because of an idea or belief.

I don’t know what the revenue impact would be if as an industry we were able to add even half the time given back into the expendable inventory. My guess is it’s in the billions. Seems like a pretty big target that is already pre-disposed to vacationing.

What’s needed?

A more compelling emotional story than the one they are currently telling themselves.