Resort Marketing | 12 Questions To Ask

As you examine where your brand is now, and where you want to be in the future, consider the position you’re in.

Ask yourself these twelve questions:

  1. Do we follow what our competitors are doing and saying?
  2. Do we talk with our customers to find out what they think?
  3. Do we talk with non-customers to find out why they aren't customers?
  4. Does the look, flavor or tone of our marketing campaigns change frequently?
  5. Do we have a “mood board” and brand statement for our company?
  6. Has everyone that comes into contact with our customers seen it?
  7. Do we have a litmus test to determine if each element of our communications program is “on position?
  8. Do we have a brand standards or graphics standards manual?
  9. Are they followed religiously?
  10. Do we have a designated brand steward to pay close attention to creative, and other applications of the brand?
  11. Do we track ROI for marketing initiatives?
  12. How are our conversion rates?

It's a crowded world we live in, and despite recessions, layoffs, and tumbling revenue projections, people will still make time for getting away. A strong position will help you create emotional, evocative connections with the consumer. Those connections are built on insights grounded in the truth, and will help you find meaningful differentiation in your category.

The process is simple, and makes everything else more effective down the road.