Communicating Travel Brand Positioning

When you create a brand position that's both true to your organization's culture AND believable for the consumer, it makes staying on-brand and on-message a lot easier. Using tools such as mood boards, brand guidelines and toolkits will help your marketing team focus on the core messages and test the clarity of every piece they create. These tools can be applied to almost any media channel, too, from print and broadcast to social media and in-person interactions. It’s all in the interpretation and intent of the brand position.

Communicating your brand position and values within your organization is critical, too, for keeping your messages on-brand. When your management team, marketers, and frontline service personnel are clear on what you’re selling, they can “live the brand” – direct their behavior, their appearance and their customer interactions to express and reinforce the brand. Above all, a clear understanding of the brand position helps inspire the troops and directs decision-making.

If your brand position is authentic, honest and desirable to travelers, it’s going to be hard to stray off track. Your organization will deliver on the promise simply because that’s what it does best. Your customers will come with expectations and get exactly what you promised them. Hopefully, they will share their satisfaction with others, who will come for more of the same, which your organization will gladly deliver – simply because that’s what it does best.

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