Repositioning Your Destination: Ten Questions to Ask

As you consider where you want to take your business in the future, consider your past, your present and your competitive space. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where did our current positioning originate?
  2. Is our current positioning still accurate?
  3. What do our customers think about our brand?
  4. How well do we know our customers?
  5. Do we know why non-customers aren't customers?
  6. How do our competitors position their businesses?
  7. How are we different and the same as our competition?
  8. What promise of value can we offer our customers?
  9. Can we deliver on that promise consistently?
  10. How do we need to change our position to reflect this?

Get on the road to recovery

Despite countless distractions and economic challenges, people still find time to get away. To make emotional connections with these consumers, you must set your brand apart from the competition. The repositioning process described here will help you find your place within the category and make your destination more desirable to your target market. It may be as simple as updating your messaging or as extreme as a complete relaunch – but the repositioning process makes all of your marketing efforts more effective, and can become the foundation of your destination’s recovery.

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