Using Earned Media To Attract Travelers

Some of the most trustworthy and reliable recommendations a resort or destination can receive are those of the free press, the unbiased reviews from guests or the opinions of established bloggers. These are the earned media outlets – you don’t control them, but if you deliver an authentic, honest brand experience, you’ll earn their attention and support.

Travel Destination Reviewers

Give your visitors the opportunity to share their experiences through your website, blog or social networks like TripAdvisor, Yelp, AroundMe and others.

Can you control what they say? No. Will you like everything they say? No. But if you make an effort to provide good service and deliver on your promise of value, you’ll earn respect and attract some more customers. Remember to take action when something is wrong, and respond promptly and with professional courtesy to complaints. Even dissatisfied customers can become repeat visitors if they feel respected and valued.

Travel Bloggers

Just what are they saying about your resort in the blogosphere? You are listening, aren’t you? Another medium you can’t control, but if you play your cards right, could be very beneficial to your business. Pay attention to the comments. Acknowledge your critics and correct your mistakes. Thank your fans. And join the conversation. You can learn a lot, and maybe show potential customers that you value their opinions.

News Release Distribution and Press Coverage

The media can be your best friend or worst nightmare, depending on how you manage your relationship. Becoming an expert source, a contributor or an involved member of the community will usually improve your reputation and earn some positive exposure for your destination.