Brand Strategy

There’s a great story to be told about your destination, resort or attraction. Do you know it? Like all great stories, it has colorful characters, romance, adventure and rich mental imagery. It communicates the single-minded idea that sets your destination apart from your competition, and at the same time, illustrates all the little things that make your destination a one-of-a-kind experience.

This is your brand story, and if you’re not telling it yet, you’re not creating desire.

As an experienced destination branding agency, Wanderlust can help you figure out what your brand story is – and what it isn’t. Informed by market insights and a shameless look inside your organization, we begin to craft your story. With the raw materials of the storyteller’s art – powerful words, compelling ideas and lush pictures – we create vivid mental imagery to help your audience envision what it will be like to experience your brand.

Brands Only Reside in the Minds of Consumers

Whether engaged in destination branding, resort branding or tourism branding, we will uncover what’s important to your customers; how they view your category, what their purchase behaviors are like, and how they interact with the destination brands they choose. By getting to know your consumer and analyzing your market and its competitive set, Wanderlust uncovers illuminating insights and opportunities that can give your destination brand a competitive advantage.

Revealing Your Differentiated Brand

Creating a brand that's both true to your organization's culture AND believable for the consumer begins by peeling back the onion. There is soul-searching to understand what your organization is all about, what it can realistically deliver, and how your brand experience really differentiates it from competitors in the market. With our help, your resort or attraction can create a brand that influences their entire business model, from the products you offer to the way your employees think about your customers to the way customers share their experiences in person and online. This is the true power of destination branding.

Inspiring and Engaging the Consumer

Destination branding is about telling your story, communicating the essence of the brand experience. Wanderlust resort branding and tourism branding services create desire for your brand. From original identity designs to integrated campaigns, our destination branding agency and programs encourage your prospects to imagine themselves experiencing your brand and motivate them to take the next step in the purchase process.