Content Development

In a world where consumers rely on search engines for immediate access to information, creating a rich source of online content provides the relevant, engaging information they seek and elevates your travel brand.

Wanderlust helps travel marketers create relevant, engaging content that attracts visitors to your website and tells your brand story. Travel and tourism consumers today tune out interruptive marketing and instead, actively seek relevant travel information through search engines and social networks. In response to this quest for information, we help destinations, resorts and attractions use online content – articles, blogs, videos, and more – to attract and engage these information-hungry travelers and provide a depth of content that traditional marketing doesn’t allow.

Part of our process is creating content that’s appropriate to the travelers current stage in the purchase decision.

Information is perceived as more credible when consumers find it themselves, so it makes sense to post it where and when they need it.Using best practices for content development and inbound marketing, we help consumers find your blog posts, videos and travel articles on their own terms, rather than trying to ”sell them” through interruptive messaging.

Defining a sustainable content strategy

The key to building a successful content development program is to start with a sustainable content strategy. Creating and publishing content that is relevant to the travelers’ searches helps your resort or attraction rank high in search engine results. An effective strategy includes choosing the keywords and SEO phrases your audiences are searching for, developing topics related to those searches and identifying and mobilizing resources (people and funding) to create keyword-rich and engaging content on a regular basis.

Content development: strategy to implementation

Wanderlust’s knowledge of current trends and best practices can help you build your content strategy, spearhead the launch of your plan or handle content development from start to finish. Our team partners with your in-house team to enhance and complement your capabilities. We rely on qualified content creators, people who understand destination marketing and can write intelligently on topics of interest to prospective patients, while maximizing use of keywords and SEO so your content ranks for your chosen keywords.

Building a long-term publishing capacity

Once created, content can be promoted in the channels where the audiences are spending their time, such as social media platforms, news sites, blogs and YouTube. Outbound marketing (online display, social media, outdoor and even television advertising) can be used in conjunction with inbound strategies to bring attention to your content and help consumers find it faster. Monthly analytics reports can show which content topics and platforms perform the best and where to concentrate your efforts.

Rich content and inbound marketing won’t gain traction overnight. Adequate time and resources need to be dedicated for ongoing content development, and for search rankings to build. If your destination could benefit from content development and inbound marketing expertise, contact Wanderlust.