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Sara Tack

Review: Expedia's New Logo

01.11.10 at 10:00 am by Sara Tack

Expedia books a new plane

Travel broker Expedia recently introduced a new logo and corporate identity. According to the Seattle Times, Paul Leonard, VP of brand marketing at Bellevue-based Expedia, described the new look as "less cartoonish.” “We were striving for a more timeless and classic aesthetic," Leonard said. "It's a little less whimsical and more sophisticated."

Expedia Logos

Were they successful?

Let’s begin with a discussion about the logo itself – the new plane and globe. Are the new elements timeless, or of mixed decades? Classic or just boring? A little less whimsical, or with no whimsy at all? Sophisticated or generic?

The old plane had character, a voice and a personality, If you didn’t like the whimsical, somewhat cartoony illustration style of the yellow plane, you at least knew whose plane it was – Expedia’s. Cover up the name on the new logo and tell me you can’t think of a few possibilities of whose logo this could be.

The new icon is trying to appear dimensional, but it ends up looking flat; a result of the white plane bleeding both edges of the circle, the loss of perspective, and a poorly rendered gradient. The monochromatic palette isn’t helping it either. However, since I mentioned color, I’d like to understand why they changed the tonality of the text colors. The new text appears to be a different blue than the logo, but the colors are so close that it looks like a mistake.

The wordmark has some strange typographical configurations, too.

The strokes of the ‘x’ are unequal in width. The dot above the ‘i’ looks lopsided. I’m not against fonts that push the norm, but if the goal was a more timeless and classic aesthetic, this font is too contemporary to meet those requirements. The tag line typography is a common, boring, hand-writing font that doesn’t ‘speak.’ The two font styles do not mix well, and as a result, the tag line looks stuck on.

The scale of the wordmark in comparison to the logo is now much larger and the cap height is higher compared to the x-height. These typographical nuances make the wordmark appear more important than the symbol rather than balancing our read. The tag line looks forced up under the ‘p’ and because it is centered with a period, it looks unbalanced.

The new Expedia logo gets a thumbs down from me, and on the logometer scale of one to ten, I’ll give it a one. What do you think?

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