Search Engine Marketing

Online Marketing Strategies for Resorts and Destinations

For many travel-minded consumers, the Internet is the first encounter with your brand. An online tourism marketing strategy is the key to increasing the targeted traffic to your destination’s website. Establishing your brand’s presence on the web and maximizing its visibility can be the difference between high traffic and no traffic – both on your site and at your door. The beauty of tourism marketing strategies for the Internet is that every hospitality, travel and tourism brand can become a destination on the web.

Wanderlust’s tourism and resort marketing strategies and services take advantage of the web’s unique properties – search engine optimization (SEO), keywords, banner advertising and social media – to attract new customers and build loyalty with your current customers.

Leveraging Online Tourism Marketing Strategies

By exploiting the way people search for travel information, we can place our clients at the top of keyword search lists. It’s hard to imagine, but some destinations’ websites can only be found by searching the specific brand name. At Wanderlust, our focus is on building organic search results; identifying the most sought-after search terms, understanding what consumers are searching for, and creating compelling, relevant content that triggers successful keyword rankings. Search engine optimization, reviewing content for relevance and refining content to emphasize organic search phrases can quickly build web traffic and page views. Where initiating organic search results may be difficult, we leverage banner advertising, behavioral retargeting, paid search or pay-per-click services to build traffic until organic search results gain traction.

Relationship Building By Permission

Unlike conventional media, the Internet is ideally suited to inbound or permissions marketing initiatives. Wanderlust leverages social media sites and inbound linking strategies to increase search visibility and drive traffic to our clients’ web sites. These powerful new tools help us deliver content to interested consumers, identify prospects and build relationships with customers. We also teach and assist organizations in the use of social media to build authority on the web.