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Discussions around what drives people to choose where they go and building integrated marketing programs to attract them — using the internet, social networks, direct marketing and mass media.

This week, CNN Travel is featuring special coverage on the Baby Boomer travel market as it turns 65. Find the details more

We came across an interesting article on why social media campaigns fail to live up to the expectations of travel marketers. It reported on a research study conducted on social media marketing by a German marketing organization. Here’s a summary of the results.  [more]

Top 25 Brands

Congratulations to travel brands Southwest Airlines, Holiday Inn Express, Jet Blue Airways, Marriott Courtyard, Marriott and Holiday Inn for making it to Bizjournal's top 25. A big congratulations to Holiday Inn Express for entering the list at number 4. No small feat.  [more]

The 2012 London Olympics logo has been controversial since it's inception - starting with the rather cool acceptance from the design community, even though it was designed by well-known London based agency Wolff Olins.  Truthfully both the 2012 and the 2014 Olympics Logos are not the best we have seen in recent years. So much so that I had my Design for Brand Identity class at Rensselaer take these on as redesign projects last spring with some great success, but I digress.  [more]

Mark Shipley

Tourism by Train

02.01.11 at 1:00 pm by Mark Shipley

I have the pleasure of traveling to NYC by Amtrak often. The trip follows the East bank of the Hudson River from Rensselaer to Penn Station. The views are magnificent, and I can get a lot more work done on the ride than if I had gone by car. Those who live in Poughkeepsie and closer can travel NY Metro’s Hudson line on the same tracks for considerably less money. Why would anyone drive into the city?  [more]

We’re working on a branding project for a company that is planning to build a destination around a few existing attractions. One of those attractions is drawing over a million paid visitors a year, while two others are struggling.  [more]

The new issue of the Wanderlust Report, “Destination Web Content: Why Fresh is Best,” discusses the importance of updating travel and tourism website content and offers recommendations for the frequency of updates for each type of content. Here’s the short version, for your reference.  [more]

Here’s a special limited-time offer for destination marketers: free travel and tourism marketing content. That’s right; sexy, high definition video shot off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, available for use in your travel promotion.  [more]

I just logged my first review on TripAdvisor. Although I’ve used the site to gather opinions for travel locations since it was founded in 2000, I have never taken the time to share a review. My husband and I spent a wonderful weekend with my freshman son at our first parents’ weekend, and the experience has prompted me to join the ranks of amateur travel reviewers  [more]

Last week, I had a conversation with a promotion-minded travel marketer who argued that the concepts of brand and brand positioning are dead — relics of the bygone era of package goods.  [more]