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Brand Positioning For Tourism Marketing

The importance of defining a unique competitive position for your travel or destination brand and how to get there.

Logo Design For Travel and Destinations

Considerations when designing a logo to help differentiate your brand from a sea of look alike competitors.

Using Social Media in Destination Marketing

Chris Chambers, Director of Digital Marketing for Queensland, Australia, shares with us a fairly detailed case study on his campaign to market the Great Barrier Reef internationally: The Best Job in the World.

Repositioning an Underperforming Destination

Turning around a destination to once again attract profitable customers often requires a reevaluation of its competitive positioning. This issue of the Wanderlust Report presents a method for addressing positioning problems of underperforming and distressed destinations.

Rethinking Outdated Media Strategies

Travel and tourism marketers find it’s no longer practical to give mass media the highest priority in integrated marketing communications programs. It’s time to rethink outdated media strategies and leverage ‘owned’ media first, for more effective communications, greater consumer engagement and a higher return on investment. This Wanderlust Report examines the trends that have reshaped the media environment and the opportunities that new media channels present.

How To Keep Your Destination On Brand

With so many kinds of media and so many unique, segmented messages going out to consumers and customers, how can destination, resort and attraction marketers stay true to their brand’s promise of value? This issue of the Wanderlust Report explores some tools and tips for keeping your message clear and staying on-brand in the 21st century.

Building a Destination Website – Part 1

Today’s best practices for building a destination website that both travelers and Google will love.

Building a Destination Website – Part 2

How to keep your site fresh, how to open up a two-way dialog using social media and blogging, and conversion tools to help move prospects closer to making a purchase decision.